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On A Positive Note for 2020 - NEW CAMERAS

2020 has been a year of ups and downs...mainly downs. I started off great this year with the courage to start my own freelance content company Kyle Lord Media. Was so happy that I could finally say goodbye to "The Man".

Work was coming in from all avenues, along with working with a good mate and colleague from Blank Page Media between the two of us it was constant.

As time went along in the early months of 2020 conversation around the braai or bbq, morning coffee at meetings, reading the odd News 24 article was this virus C19. A distant reality but a problem that's far away and would never come here. Thinking to ourselves that someone will have a solution soon and will be a thing of the past.

Come early March, while I was filming for a Cape Town agency 2 AM for their client Old Mutual in Johannesburg. The first case of C19 had hit the shores of South Africa, a man based in Durban who returned from a holiday trip in Italy.

We all know the story from there, it's now July 16 and we sit with currently 311,049 with 160,669 recoveries. Life has changed and completely opposite to what is was start of the year. That's life, we have to adapt.

My main feature of this blog which by the way is a very new thing for me. I am no writer, so bear with me. I have a great passion for camera technology and I get really excited when new cameras come out. I don't buy them because by the time they get to South Africa, they are crazy expensive. I just cry and hope that someday it's possible :)

I am a fan of Sony, I have invested in some lenses but I am still open to any company that has come out with new tech that helps our industry and content creators do what we do. I was crazy excited to watch the new release of Canon EOS R5 & R6 last week. I am a huge fan of hybrid-based cameras which lets you capture photo and video.

These days as a content creator and producing content for online brands, things need to be quick and budgets are smaller. A hybrid camera is what works for me.

Canon R5 and R6 looks amazing, great specs such as 8K 25 fps, 4k 120 /60 fps with 10bit recording and 45 megapixels camera. Those are insane specs for such a small body. I normally tend to give it a month to see the cameras out in the real world. I don't always listen to brand ambassadors as for obvious reasons. Already has been some concerns with the overheating with the bodies. Surely Canon was going to know this would be an issue. I myself am not too concerned as this camera is designed for photos of which overheating not going to be an issue. For video, I never recorded constant 20 min at a time unless for interviews. I would use this camera for mainly b-roll, pictures and slow motions shots. I am sure short interviews on 4k 25fps would not cause major overheating issues. Time will tell, I would give it another month or 2 to see this camera in the real world conditions.

I am really excited about the rumors of Sony's announcement for late July or early August this year of their new cameras. I have been using the Sony A7sii for many years, a really great camera and a beast in low light, especially filming events which happen mainly at night. Last year I upgraded using the A7III which is a fantastic hybrid camera for the price.

I am hoping that Sony announces 2 new cameras, the Sony A7siii and the Sony a74. the Sony A7Siii has been a long wait, nearly 5 years since the Sony a7Sii. It is a video camera, I am hoping the specs will at least be 4k 60/120fps with 10bit recording. We will see, I am sure they were waiting for Canon to release the R5 and R6. From the rumors, Sony has been producing some kind of cooling system for the cameras which means that higher resolution like 6k or 8k might be in the new Sony A7siii

As you know I am very much a hybrid shooter, so I am hoping that Sony brings out the A74 with some great upgrades. A lot of tech guys say that it won't have 4k 6o fps as Sony don't want to take away from the higher-end cameras. I disagree, the Sony A74 is a hybrid camera so people want the best of both worlds . Sony A7R4 is a photo beast with 61 megapixels and its designed for photographers and the A7Siii will be a camera best for video only shooters.

I think the A74 should have at least 32-megapixel camera with 10bit 4k 60fps.

Announcement of the A7Siii will be on the 28 July 2020 10:00 EDT

Please feel free to add your comments :)

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